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                                     Providing Expert Electrical Services in Perry County and neighboring areas
                                       -- including new construction, repair and troubleshooting for your residence  or business   
                                                        Registered Electrician, Pennsylvania #77104
                                                                               McKensie Electric is now powered by renewable energy.
                                   Service Entrances - New or upgrade, 100 amp, 200 amp, overhead or underground services for

                                                                   stick-built, modular, mobiles, garages, sheds, outbuildings, etc.    Electrical   inspections and

                                                                   coordination with PP&L provided .


                                                 New Construction or Remodeling--wiring and design


                                     Troubleshooting -- Diagnosis and Repair of Residential Electrical Problems and Malfunctions   


                                     Call -- McKensie Electric, Newport, PA

                                     phone: 422-7284 -- for prompt service

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                                We're Here to Help

Have a question or concern about your home's electrical wiring, lighting, power or equipment?

Then call  McKensie Electric today and get some
experienced help.
We'll work to solve your problems in a helpful, courteous manner.  
Or maybe you just want to add a ceiling fan, light fixture, electrical outlet, switch, etc
or add some power in a
garage, basement, attic, or shed to make life a
little more convenient around the house.
    We can help with that, too.

    Give us a call and get started today.


                              SAFETY INFORMATION
     Ask about the latest in safety equipment for your home:
               these devices replace standard circuit breakers
               and provide protection against dangerous arcing
               in your electrical wiring which can cause deadly fires.
    Is your home over 20 years old? If so, you may have Federal Pacific
    circuit breakers installed---these are a safety hazard!!
           Replace your old, unsafe Federal Pacific circuit breakers, 
           shown below, with a modern, safe load center, such as
           the Square D Homeline shown at right. ----------------------------------->
           Call 422-7284 today for more information
           and a free price quote.

                          List of Services Provided:



  • Service Entrances
  • New Construction


              Backup Generators for Emergency Power


  • Expert Troubleshooting
  • Lighting

              Whole house surge protection

  • Auxiliary power for outbuildings
  • And more--call for more information


                    Spa and Hot Tub wiring







        Federal Pacific circuit breakers re: safety hazards    


  Information on Residential Fires and Arc Fault   Protection









Shown below is Neptune Solar, the photovoltaic array that provides 100% of the electricity to run the McKensie Electric business office.